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How would your life change if you could tap into your full potential? What if you could have anything you want for your life? Today you are one step closer to a new you.


Vision: My Legacy

Create Healthy Self-Relationships and Romantic Relationships.

Self-Relationships: where a focus on self-love, self- acceptance, evolution and knowledge of self, leads to wholeness & personal wellbeing.

Romantic Relationships: where the individual thrives and the couple grows in a healthy or vigorous way.

Purpose: My Being Who I am called to become

I am called by God to coach Women & Couples across the love relationship continuum. 

( the relationship Continuum is Single-->Dating--->Engaged---->Couples)

I am called to walk alongside the individual as they build wholeness & wellbeing through self-discovery, personal enrichment & spiritual growth.

I am called to walk alongside the couple as they create a relationship that is affirming to both

partners and together create a marital space that is protected by love, grows through learning, is

infused with respect, built on trust and centered around Christ.

I am called to minister to the souls of those seeking a relationship with Christ or a deeper relationship with Christ.

I am called to grow closer to God. To reflect His image in my actions, thoughts, words, and deeds.

My Mission: My Doing

To bring a sense of wholeness and wellbeing to self-relationships.

To build romantic relationships where the individual thrives and the couple flourishes.

To be in right relationship with God & experience His perfect love and plan for their lives.

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